Hot Flowers to Make U.S. Debut at XBIZ Retrat

HSAINT News Report

Hot Flowers marks its U.S. launch with participation at the upcoming XBIZ Retreat in Miami.

“Participating in an event like XBIZ Retreat is the best way to be in touch with the top companies in the market, the best opportunity possible to present our first collection to the top buyers”, said Alexandre Enumo, vice president of sales and marketing.

Hot Flowers is based in Brazil, and has been in the international market for 12 years, the company says. Its line is composed of more than 700 products.

According to the company, HotFlowers’ product line is made in house and it directly monitors its manufacturing process to ensure the quality of its products.

Hot Flowers’ first collection to hit the U.S. market is its sexual cosmetics line, which provides unique sensations.

“We will raise the sexual pleasure to a new level,” Enumo said.

The first collection includes 18 products: Hot Ball and Imperiass in four different sensations (Hot, Cold, Hot & Cold, Shock (Hot Ball) and Deep Easy (Imperiass)), Deep Easy gel and Seven Sensations gel (anal sex), Ever Virgin gel, Pleasure Drops and Hot G-Point (woman), Hardelay gel, Hot Long and Hot & Hard (man), Excitation gel and Oriental Spray (unisex).

All of the items will be available for immediate delivery at XBIZ Retreat Miami in May, the company said.

“We want to serve our business partners as quickly as possible,” Enumo said, adding that HotFlowers’ factory operates in three shifts, 7 days a week.

To serve the American market, the Hot Flowers team says it took all the necessary measures to comply with the FDA current regulations.
According to the company, local distribution will be handled by HSAINT, a company located in Orlando, which will distribute all over the country, as well as Canada and foreign markets.

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