HSAINT is a Hot Flowers sister company in USA doing business as HotSEXAppeal and HotFlowersUSA.

Hot Flowers is a Brazilian company of pleasure products, lubs & lotions, fragrances, lubricants, beauty & body, accessories, sexy wear, men’s toys, bondage, dildos, vibrators and more, and is responsible for all steps involving the conception of those lines.

Everything is made with the best raw material and inviolable packaging. Our stylists, sexologists, executive coaching and designers are working very hard with dedication to provide to the consumers the best quality products possible.

All of our products are approved by the Brazilian Health Ministry, ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) and are in complience FDA regulation.


Everything is made with the best raw materials and inviolable packaging. Our team work hard to provide the best quality product.


To provide the best to our customers, all product lines are recognized and approved by the Health Ministry and Anvisa.


Seeking always to innovate and develop new technologies.


Our packages are safety, resistant and inviolable, increasing the product durability.

Our Company

With 12 years in the Brazilian market, Hot Flowers is responsible for all production steps, from the conception till the packaging.
We have an average of 700 products in line.


Laboratory Production


Sexy Wear Production

Laboratory Production

Administration Area

Hot Flowers Brazil Plant